Taking the Cross

In the Middle Ages not all Crusades were fought in the Holy Land.

Taking the Cross is a historical novel by Charles Gibson about the little-known Crusade launched by the Roman Catholic Church against fellow Christians in France, a time of great religious turmoil and conflict.

Taking The Cross

 A two-pronged threat to the Catholic Church was growing within Christendom itself and Pope Innocent III called for the Crusade against heresy to eliminate both the Albigenses and Valdenses, two movements that did not adhere to Church orthodoxy.

Andreas, a knight who longs to go on Crusade to the Holy Land, finds himself fighting against one in his French homeland. While Andreas wages war for the lives and religious freedom of his people, a battle rages within his soul.

Eva, a young woman of a new religious order, the Beguines, discovers a secret message within a letter about the death of her father in the Holy Land. As she learns more of her father, she is forced to confront the profound and perilous spiritual inheritance he has bequeathed to her. A legacy for which she must fight.

Hearing of the feats of Andreas, Eva senses her inheritance may lead her to him.

Filled with battles of the flesh and the spirit, Taking the Cross reveals a passionate aspect of Medieval times where some fought ardently for the freedom of others.

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Taking the Cross is the first novel by Charles Gibson. Published by Koehler Books, it is available online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and at several Barnes & Noble stores.

Welcome to the website of Charles Gibson, long-time writer, first-time novelist.

Learn more about Charles on his Biography page. Keep up to date with his latest postings on the Blog page. There are also pages with News and Contact information.



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