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It is not a quest for the grail, but for freedom.

quest for freedomA quest that began many centuries past. Not in 1776 with the founding of the United States. Not in 1620 when the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock. Not in 1517 with the start of the Reformation.

It began in 1209 in Southern France when a 24 year-old viscount extended religious freedom to all his people, whether Catholic or not. For he dared to give shelter in his realm to those considered heretics.

His refusal to betray his people regardless of their belief led to a bloody crusade, fueled the cruelty of the Inquisition, and sparked the quest of freedom for all. A quest that is unending to this day.

It’s the most important time in history you’ve never heard of. C.S. Lewis wrote that if not for the crusade against heresy, the Renaissance would have begun in the thirteenth century in Southern France.

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