Book Background

Have you heard of the Albigensian Crusade? It was a time when modern movements of both tyranny and freedom were just beginning to take shape.

Taking the Cross is about 2 main characters whose stories intermingle.

Andreas is a knight who wants to go on crusade to the Holy Land. Instead he finds himself battling against a crusade in his homeland of the Languedoc in Southern France. For his lord gives sanctuary to heretics and will not yield to the demands of the Catholic Church. Andreas fights for the lives of all in the Languedoc. Catholic and heretic, all are endangered by the crusade.

Eva is a young woman of Provence whose father was killed on crusade to the Holy Land when she was a little girl. As a result, she lives in a city of women who all were either widowed or orphaned by the crusades. She has taken vows, but unlike a nun, may break those vows to marry.

From her own lands, she witnesses the crusading army marching south toward the Languedoc, and this sighting starts to unlock the mysterious legacy of her father Anselme, slain on crusade some 17 years before. Eva begins to realize that Anselme was called to the Holy Land to fight an evil she is only starting to comprehend.

An evil that is about to be unleashed in the Languedoc. An evil that seeks to own Andreas.



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